The Sewing Room Reopened

The Sewing Room was refurnished and reopened in May, 2019 after being closed for over a decade and being used as storage for miscellaneous furniture and objects. The room is in the Inventory after Annie’s death as “Sewing Room” and was furnished as a bedroom but did not contain a sewing machine.

Annie belonged to a “sewing society” with many entries in her diary about these get-togethers at various women’s houses. The society, among other projects, made quilts, worked on garments for the Indian children, and “for the sufferers of the S.F.” on April 30, 1906. It does not appear that Annie embroidered, but would buy embroidery and send it as gifts or would add it to garments. She also enjoyed sewing with her sister Sally when she came to visit.

Some of the objects in the room include: White Family Rotary Sewing Machine – 1890-1900; Pole Needlepoint Tapestry Stand – c. 1820; Sewing Basket table – early 1900’s; Quilt – double nine-patch made with white and calico cotton quilted by hand – c. 1900; and The Delineator Magazine – 1909.