Online Schools Program

Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park is still closed. To meet the need of our local and statewide teachers we have a variety of options available for online learning.

We have redesigned our gold and gadget programs to an online format. We are using Flipgrid for this process. Flipgrid is an online learning website that connects teachers to students through use of short video responses to posted topics. More information regarding the Flipgrid site itself can be found here.

We have digitized the information and activities from our gold and gadget programs to the site and are able to furnish instructors with co-access to each “grid” or program. This will allow instructors to moderate student’s responses, add their own video instructions, and generally connect with their classrooms on the topic. In order to become a co-moderator, or “co-pilot” in the nomenclature of the site, instructors will need to make a free educator account on Flipgrid and provide their email associated with the account to Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park staff at .

California State Parks PORTS program also has a wide variety of programs on various topics from parks across the state. See all the Flipgrid programs at

Bidwell Mansion SHP also has a Smithsonian Learning Lab interactive program called the Chinese at Rancho Del Arroyo Chico. You can use this program as we have created it or you can personalize it, add your own notes, tags, incorporate discussion questions, save, and share it with your students or other teachers. The link to this is:

Hopefully in the fall we will have online webcast programs available. We will be offering the following programs on various days throughout the semester:

The Big Pink Mansion Up North – Take a 360 degree guided tour of the Bidwell Mansion. Hear the history of building an agricultural empire that created farming as we know it today in Northern California. In addition, get acquainted with John and Annie Bidwell who created the town of Chico, changed the social customs of the day, and influenced national politics in the Victorian era.

Building California – The Influence of Chinese Immigrants – Over 150 years ago, some of the very first immigrants came from Asia to America and many of them came to California looking for gold and jobs. The Chinese had a vibrant community in Chico and many worked on Rancho Chico. This is a time when people from very different, unique cultures lived and worked together, creating something new and unique, but not without conflict.

True Citizenship – the Right to Vote – With new ideas of equality gleaned from the struggles to abolish slavery, the 19th century is rife with opportunities for women’s rights. Legal and social inequities drove women to realize that in order to truly bring about changes, they needed to be able to vote. The many women of the Suffrage Movement were the change agents. One hundred years later, women today are the beneficiaries of the struggles that came before.

As we transition to this online programming, if you have any questions please contact us at . Please check back with this site as information may be updated.